Hi!👋 We're Artist Takeoff.

We're changing the playing field for independent artists. We want to power the next generation of talent that will shape the music industry.
About Us

Our Mission

At Artist Takeoff, we believe there is a better way to market music. A more organic, less invasive way where fans are earned rather than bought. We’re extremely passionate about this, and our mission is to help 10,000 musicians achieve it by 2022.

We’re built on affordable lifetime music distribution for musicians and genuine music marketing. These are the least understood and least transparent aspects of the music industry, and we see that as an opportunity.

We’re excited to simplify music marketing for musicians through our strategies, software, and education.

About Us

Our Team

We're big music people, with such a diverse team, there really isn't a genre we don't listen to, except for Medieval folk-rock...not the vibe.

We like thai food, basketball, music data, climbing rocks, Monopoly, Syracuse lacrosse, teacup yorkies, The Buccaneers, live music(RIP), and much more.

We value creative thinking, quality, humility, product, efficiency, and being super helpful.

We're located in Cincinnati, Ohio.