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Catalog Management

Organize, store, and protect your entire music catalog.

Catalog Management

Metadata organization

Store track files (WAV's/MP3's), lyrics, collaborator info, cover art, genres, labels and more. Then turn your track into a release, all from your Artist Takeoff dashboard.
“Blessed to have worked with Artist Takeoff.  One of the few companies to offer consistent interaction making myself feel confident in my decision to invest.”
Michael Gabriel Sanchez
Catalog Management

Copyright protection

The protection musicians need, built-in. Start protecting your music across all DSP's. We partner with Audible Magic, the industry leader in automatic content recognition, with over 20 years in business.
“Shelby was great. She helped me understand the value of the platform.”
Catalog Management

Unlimited Storage

Upload, store and manage an unlimited amount of music in your catalog. Then when you're ready you can easily distribute your music to over 100+ stores.
“I am really enjoying my experience working with Artist Takeoff. Great support. Thank you very much.”
Ayodeji Idowu (EYE-YO)

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“Artist Takeoff did an outstanding job of analyzing my artist's song and developing an effective playlist promotion plan.”
Ed O'Donnell
Producer / Artist Manager, Soundstage Music
“I love it it feels organic the best service for Spotify in my opinion I wish you did Apple Music and Tidal.”
Siron Collier
"From the first conversation Brianna was attentive and helpful. I began seeing results when the campaign started within a day. I highly recommend Artist Takeoff"

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