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Royalty Splits

Split up your royalties easily with unlimited collaborators, and automatic payouts and never pay any extra B.S fees.

Royalty Splits

Unlimited collaborators

Split up the royalty pie with as many other musicians and collaborators you'd like. All you have to do is set a royalty percentage and add their PayPal email.
“Too many companies charge a fee to split royalties when it doesn't cost them anything. We wanted to change that”
Daniel Mastropietro,
Founder of Artist Takeoff
Royalty Splits

Automatic payouts

Automatically set royalty payouts with collaborators and schedule payments via PayPal.
“Automatic payouts is killer, we have a pretty big team and being able to set the percentage and forget about it is awesome.”
Electronic DJ Duo
Featured on Billboard Dance
Royalty Splits

Paid to Paypal

When you release through Artist Takeoff, your music will automatically be sent to our curating team and will be considered for our editorial playlists, and sync licensing opportunities.
“It's extremely hard to find an organization that delivers what they promise, however, I can say without hesitation that Artist Takeoff delivered.”
A. Jones

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“Artist Takeoff did an outstanding job of analyzing my artist's song and developing an effective playlist promotion plan.”
Ed O'Donnell
Producer / Artist Manager, Soundstage Music
“I love it it feels organic the best service for Spotify in my opinion I wish you did Apple Music and Tidal.”
Siron Collier
"From the first conversation Brianna was attentive and helpful. I began seeing results when the campaign started within a day. I highly recommend Artist Takeoff"

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