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TikTok & Instagram
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One-time fee
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This is a one-time fee for every single release.
One-time fee
Release one EP or project with a total of 2 to 6 tracks.
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This is a one-time fee for every EP release.
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Release one Album or project with a total of 7 to 20 tracks.
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Common Questions

How do I sign up?
In order to sign up all you need to do is create an account! Then you can start releasing music for life with Artist Takeoff.
Can I release on TikTok & Instagram?
Yes! It's actually included with each release for free, so you'll never have to pay an extra fee to get your music on there.
Do I have to pay to release music?
It is free to create an account, you do have to pay a one-time fee per lifetime release. We do not believe in monthly fees, or annual subscriptions.
Do you take any royalties?
NEVER. When you distribute your music with Artist Takeoff, you not only distribute for life. But you also keep 100% royalties for life as well.